Wellness examinations are the first, and one of the most important, steps to keeping your pet healthy. Regular examinations can help to identify problems before they become more serious. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that pets are examined by a veterinarian at least once a year and twice a year as they age. Our pet patients are not able to tell us when something does not feel quite right so those nose to tail examinations help to identify issues and get them the care they need earlier.

We will get your pet on a vaccination schedule to prevent the preventable and avoid the avoidable. Talk with our team to determine which vaccinations are the right choice for your pet and which may not be necessary for your lifestyle

Wellness exam: $45.00
Wellness Profile Bloodwork: $140.00
(Full blood chemistry panel and complete blood count)

DHLPP/DHPP Vaccine (Distemper Parvo) $21.00
Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel cough) $21.00
K9 Influenza Vaccine $43.50
Rabies Vaccine $24.00
Intestinal Parasite Test $23.00
Heartworm Test $35
Heartworm Prevention $6-9/month
Flea and Tick Prevention $18-21/month

FVRCP Vaccine (3 highly contagious and life threatening diseases) $21
FeLV Vaccine (Feline Leukemia) $26.00
Rabies Vaccine $24.00
Intestinal Parasite Test $23.00
FELV/FIV Test: $49.00
Flea and Prevention $16–20/month